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If you’re like most people around the world, you didn’t see it coming. Hardly anyone predicted the global pandemic and how it would shut down economic life and devastate health in most of the world. We didn’t anticipate it, so few of us were prepared, with the results we are now suffering in every aspect of our lives.


  • How does your business prepare for accelerating risk and uncertainty? 

  • How do you protect your business from assaults you cannot see right now but might happen in the future? 

  • How do you keep on top of the massive volumes of  information and data in the external world?

  • Have you stretched your strategic thinking and mental models enough to consider the worst-case scenario?

  • Are leaders within the business truly thinking vs. doing when it comes to strategic planning?

  • Is your strategy properly stress-tested and validated?



Disaster Proof aims to answer these questions with a strategic management tool that has been in use by large corporations for several decades: scenario planning. It’s now been revitalized for public and private organizations of all sizes. Furthermore, with the power of artificial intelligence emerging as a competitive advantage, new analytical methods are explained through real-life examples that can enable your leaders and strategy team to consider a broader array of information and data.


This book shows how scenario planning can help your organization be more resilient, building shock absorbers at a time of great uncertainty and drastic change. It’s a practical how-to book that’s written for strategy teams in government and business, as well as planners, consultants, senior executives, and board members who need to ask better questions and think about uncertainty, risk, and strategy.


Disaster Proof includes many international examples from airlines, oil and gas, technology, national parks, logistics, mining, power and utilities, and more that illustrate powerful ways this strategic tool is used in real life to drive results. This is a playbook that can help your team prepare for an uncertain future. Scenario planning has already proven its value in many applications. Now, as we work our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, Mortlock believes we’ll see it emerge as the indispensable tool that it is. This is the guide to walk you through it.

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